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SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 20 Best Interview Questions and Answers Updated 2022

1. Where do I find information on the Solution manager?

Its one more server apart from R/3 System

2. Explain what is SAP solution manager?

SAP solution manager provides you the functionalities like the integrated content, methodologies, tools, etc. to implement, operate, monitor, and support an enterprise’s SAP solution.  SAP solution manager manages the SAP and Non-SAP solutions in the IT landscapes of an organization.

3. Does the Solution manager come If you install ECC5.0 or ECC6.0?

ECC5.0 or ECC6.0 and My Sap are the software bundles and the Solution Manager is a part of the Software Bundle

Yes, you need to install it separately apart from R/3 or ECC5.0 or ECC6.0 please – then you would understand or utility of the actual advantage of solution Manager, please.

4. For interview point of view, what should i know about solution manager,ECC6.0 and ECC5.0?

It depends on what u want to study for the interview – like early watch reports – Configuration of SM – Data Flow – RFC connection -IDOCS – ALE and many, please.

5. What are the different bundles of ECC?

They are different bundles of Software 

ECC6.0 and ECC5.0, ECC 6 is more advanced or latest.


6. List out the main components of SAP solution manager 

The main components of SAP solution manager include

  • Tools
  • Content
  • Gateway to SAP

7. What does the Tool component deliver?

Tools: It gives central access to the tools you required to implement your business solution. For example Business Blueprint, Roadmap, Project administration,

  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Provision testing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Change Control
  • Problem Management

8. What does the Content component deliver?

Content: It is a collection of information about the business process and stored in various formats. Content manager structures and manages this information

  • Method
  • Roadmaps
  • Services
  • Best Practices

9. What does the Gateway to SAP component deliver?

Gateway to SAP: You manage and monitor systems and business processes in your solution landscape in operational processing

  • SAP Active Global Support
  • SAP development
  • Service delivery platform

10.What is the use of Centralized Administration Work Center?

This is used to manage central access to all functions for administrative tasks.

11. What are the key features that are supported in SAP Solution Manager7.2?

  • New User Interfaces
  • New Release management
  • ITSM and Change Request Management
  • Adapt SAP HANA in your landscape
  • New Process Management
  • Enhanced Cloud Support

12. What is a work center in SAP Solman? What are different functions that you can perform using Work Center?

To perform role-specific functions, you can use Work Centers in SAP Solution Manager. Work Centers are work environments that allow you to access role-specific options. You can access different options like alerts, notifications, messages, and reports as per the assigned role.


13. Explain what is SAP solution manager diagnostics?

SAP solution manager diagnostics are a group of tools to monitor and analyze SAP systems.  The main tools are workload analysis, exception analysis, trace analysis, and change analysis.

14. Mention the benefits of SAP Solution Manager?

Benefits of SAP Manager Solution includes

  • Automated configuration tracking
  • Easy Integration
  • Faster ROI
  • Reduced administration effort
  • Improved patch and upgrade management
  • Automated Alerts
  • Lowering cost
  • Centralized management
  • Automated Alerts

15.  Explain how SAP Solution Manager helps in testing?

SAP solution manager helps in speeding up test preparation and execution. It gives a single point of access to the complete system landscape and allows the centralized storage of testing materials and test results to support cross-component testing.

16.  List out the features of the business blueprint?

The features of the business blueprint include

  • BluePrint Structure
  • Business Process Group
  • Associated Items
  • Business Scenarios
  • Blueprint document

17. Mention what key approaches are supported by the SAP Solution Manager in the implementation phase?

Process oriented implementation approach is supported by the SAP solution manager in the implementation phase.

18.  Mention the transaction code for project administration in SAP Solution Manager?

For project administration, the transaction code is SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN.

19.  What is the transaction code for Business Blueprint in SAP Solution Manager?

For SAP Solution Manager, the t-code for Business Blueprint is Solar01.

20. Why do you use Work modes in SAP Solution Manager?

You can use various work modes in SAP Solution Manager to perform the following activities 

  • Maintenance
  • System Migration
  • Patch upgrades
  • Customizing changes
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