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20 Common SAP PS Interview Questions and Answers Updated 2022

1. What is SAP-Project System?

 Project System is a Project management tool from SAP. Which has very good integration with the other modules of SAP like FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, HR, DMS. This module basically coordinates and controls all the phases of a project, in direct coordination with purchasing and controlling, from quotation to design and approval, to resource management and cost settlement.

2. For raising Client billing, is there any possibility of linking line items in SD module with Activities / WBS in PS module? 

 It can be linked through DIP Profile and do Resource Related Billing for raising billing.

3. Can Revenues be linked with Activities?

No, it can be done at the WBS level with the ‘Billing’ operative indicator.

4. Can progress be updated in WBS elements?

 Yes, You can use Progress Analysis (EVA) for this.

5. We would like to compare the planned cost, actual cost & revenue for line items in the SD module. For this as what object should we consider the line item in the PS module.

You can use Billing level WBS in the PS module. 

6. Is there any way by which we can lock two specific wbs elements say overheads and other expenses, so that the user cannot release PR?

The easiest way would be to define the project release process in a bottom-up fashion. That means you will only release the activities/WBS elements that you need from time to time during the course of the project. That way, charges won’t be accrued on a WBS element until it’s released (so, don’t release it until it’s ready for collecting costs).

7.  What is Gantt chart?

It is a graphical representation that helps in Scheduling the Project. It can be referred to as a DashBoard which gives details of the Project in terms of Budgeting, Actual Costs, Planned Work and Actual Work, Remaining Work, % of Completion. The Project Manager can also use this for restricting the activities in terms of SS, FS, SF conditions date-wise.

8.  What is the Project planning board?

The project planning board is a tool within PS that allows you to plan the entire project structure, capacity, resources, 


9. How to calculate WIP in PS for all wbs pertaining to that particular project? Any specific T code in ECC 6.0?

KKA2 for calculating result Analysis; 

KKAJ – for calculating WIP

10. What do you understand by Project?

 A project is a system that involves 1. project, sub-project, activities & tasks. It will have good integration with the other modules like MM, Fi/co, & PM modules.


11. What is Easy Cost Planning?

It is another function for planning costs at the WBS elements level. It uses the existing Controlling, purchasing, or MM data in the form of cost items. Also, you can have predefined costing models to simplify repeated entries.

12. What are the parameters of Project System?

There are several parameters to define here at the level of the structure. First, it’s the Project Definition, then we have the WBS Level, and then, if used, the Network/Activity/Sub activity Level. You may include components and services. The configuration goes into Project Definition, WBS, and Activity profiles.

13. What is the accounting and Logistical information that gets defined with a Project Definition?

In the Project Profile, you define the Controlling area, Company Code, Business Area, Plant, Functional Area, Profit Center, and Project Currency for the project. If it is a sales project, you can also define Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, and DIP Profile. In addition, you also define the Object Class, Planning Profile, Budget Profile, Costing Sheet, Interest Profile, Investment Profile (CAPEX), Result Analysis Key (CO-PA), Settlement Profile, and Settlement Rule Strategy. You will also define whether costs are actual or statistical. This information is then copied to lower-level WBS elements.

14. What do Activities, NTW, WBS represents?

WBS and Networks are two structures that differ in the way in which they enable you to structure projects and in the functions provided for them in the SAP system. For example, if you need a hierarchical budget management function for a project, you would want to use a WBS structure. If, in addition, you also want to do capacity planning, you would have to use one or several networks as well. Depending on the specific requirements you may be able to map a project only via a WBS structure, by using only one or several networks, or a combination of both.

15. What is the menu path & T. Code for defining special characters for Projects?

It can be found at the following location:

Project System -> Structures -> Operative Structures -> Work Breakdown Structures -> Project Coding Mask -> Define Special Characters for Projects Transaction is OPSK

16. The structure of NTW is similar to what type of order?

Maintenance order.

17. What is the impact of coding mask on the project and where is it created (menu path)?

Coding masks contain sections for the external identification of projects, and they are separated by special characters. A section consists either of numbers that are represented by “0” characters in the coding mask, or alphanumeric characters that are represented by “X” characters in the mask. You can store a descriptive text for each coding mask and use lock indicators to control whether the key and the associated mask can be used for operative or standard WBS structures.

Project System -> Structures -> Operative Structures -> Work Breakdown Structures -> Project Coding Mask -> Define Project Coding Mask Transaction is OPSJ


18. How to set field status of WBS as mandatory, (WBS Element, NTW)?

There are five different transactions. Project Definition, WBS Elements, Network Header, Networks Overview, and Network Details. There you will see a table with radio buttons that indicate whether a field should be set as Input, Required (mandatory), Display, Hide. You can also define Influence Fields and Field Groups.

19. Difference between validation & substitution

Substitution enables to automatically change master data fields of Project Definitions, WBS Elements, Network Headers, and Activities. For example, you can automatically set the cost center 9999 for those WBS Elements into which responsible persons with numbers 0 to 20 have been entered.

Validation enables you to carry out self-defined checks for master data fields of the same elements. But the result of validations consists of informational messages, warnings, or error messages. For example, you can validate that projects with a specific project profile always begin with the same key.

20. What are the different time profiles?

There are two, but you can define your own. SAPPS_Z001 and SAPPS_Z002.

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