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Top 10 SAP ESS MSS Interview Questions and Answers Updated 2022


Collection of services designed to provide individual employees access to view and maintain their own data ESS today Currently in its third generation Runs within the SAP Portal Has become a defacto requirement for business where a sizable percentage of employees have computer access.

2. What Is Manager Self-Service (MSS)?

Integrated applications that give managers information and process initiation capability for their staff. Currently in its second generation and Runs within the SAP Portal but not as prevalent due to change management challenges.

3. What Are the Phases Of Manager Self-Service?

Manager Self-Service (MSS) provides an intuitive interface for Line Managers based on the SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) technology. In the area of Compensation Administration, a single scenario will help Line Managers plan salary adjustments, bonuses, and grant LTI awards.

Compensation reviews in Manager Self-Service can be split into two steps:

The planning phase, during which the Line Manager performs the necessary adjustments and submits them for approval to his/her higher manager.

The approval phase, during which the higher manager either approves or rejects the submitted adjustments.

4. How can i authorize multiple tasks ?

Login to MSS. In the out of office, you can select multiple tasks by selecting the tick-box on each task. Click on Actions and then select authorize, then click Save.


Subject to agreement with their manager, employees are able to carry up to a maximum of 36.5 hours leave from one leave year to the next (pro-rated for part-time staff). Managers can administer the carryover via Manager Self Service. Instructions

6. How do I get access to MSS?

Access to MSS will have to be requested by the individual’s manager

7. What are the components available in Employee Self-Service (ESS) Applications?

The ESS provides information about the applications (services) that are available in the Employee Self-Service component. The individual applications are assigned to the following areas:

Address Book

Working Time

Benefits and Payment

Personal Information

Career and Job


Work Environment


Life and Work Events

Corporate Information

8.  What is the definition of a line manager ?

We have defined a line manager as the post holder who is responsible for the performance and well-being of a member of staff in the University. This may or may not be the post-holder who carries out the SDPR / performance review for the member of staff. There are important responsibilities and requirements for line managers accessing information through MSS. If there is any doubt on who is the line manager, it is advised that the more senior role is applied.

9. What are the Implementation Considerations for SAP ESS?

If your employees need to access their own data in the intranet used at the enterprise, they require an SAP user. The system needs to know which ESS user belongs to which employee because employees must only be able to maintain their own data. The component enables you to create relationships between employees and users.

10. what are the Features of SAP ESS?

The Employee Self-Service component is composed not only of services but also of tools that you require to create relationships between users and employees. You can create new users, or use existing users.




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