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Job Interview Questions and Answers on SAP CS Updated 2022

1. What is SAP CS (Customer Services)?

SAP Customer Services (CS) – a popular SAP ERP tool that offers the basic functionalities to a vast range of customer-specific tasks, is considered to be an important extension of the Sales and Distribution (SD) module. In the present competitive scenario, customers like to purchase from organizations/ service providers that have a higher customer satisfaction quotient.

2. What determines stock categories displayed in Stock on Hand keyfigure ?

The categories defined in Category Group ST1 (can be maintained in table /SAPCS/CSCGC) determine the stock categories that are displayed in the Initial bucket in the Stock on Hand keyfigure. Subsequent buckets are dynamically computed.

3. Does dynamic alerts show up in Alert Monitor?

Dynamic Alerts do not show up in the stand-alone alert monitor. Network alerts are to show pegging relationships.

4. What is the report to execute MASSD?

The report for executing MassD in the background job is MASSBACK. 

5. What is the shortcut to changing location type in CS?

Report /SAPCS/CHECK_LOCATION_TYPE can be used to change location type (say from 1001 to 1002 or vice-versa) of existing locations in CS. The table to refer to is /SAPCS/LOCMAP. SAP does not recommend this process.

6. How can a transaction be executed even when no authorization ?

SE93 – Transaction code for Transaction Code E.g. CRC1 Create Resource has txn code CRAH. So if you do not have the authorization to create resources you can use SE93 and enter txn CRAH and then Test F8 button to go to the txn.

7. How to copy a Process Chain?

To copy a process chain to another process chain, goto the Process Chain you want to copy and then type copy in the tool tar and hit enter. It will allow you to copy the Process Chain to another Process Chain that can be modified as per the user’s requirement, saved, activated, and used.

8. What is the process to copy planning versions in R/3

Use OLIX to first delete previous MRP planning versions. Then use MCB& to create the new MRP planning versions by choosing the appropriate version you want to create as ICO Version. The info structure, in this case, is S094.

9. How to use create planning book with two tables ?

To use two tables on one screen of Planning Book/Data View – select the indicator next to the second-page title and give a name. An additional tab page is displayed in the Planning Book Maintenance wizard to define the keyfigures for the second table.

10. How does SAP R/3 communicate with SAP CS?

Through the CS Core Interface (CIF) which supplies SAP CS with master and transaction data in real time. CIF is delivered through the R/3 Plug-In, which is something you have to install in your SAP R/3 system. This is the same Plug-In that you need for connecting a BW or a CRM system.

11. What is Master Data in DP?

Master Data in Demand Planning primarily is Characteristic Value Combinations commonly termed CVCs. CVCs are the planning combinations against which data is stored in key figures.




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