Personal data provided via ZX Academy may be disclosed and used to other business partners or/and entities in the operation of the ZX Academy site for providing services and products requested and for promotional and marketing purposes. ZX Academy will not rent, sell, or lease any individually identifiable data/information to others without your permission. Except we are required by law or have your authorization, we contribute to the personal information/data you provide to us with ZX Academy entities or/and business partners who are acting on our behalf to help in providing you with services and products. Any personal data/information submission of ZX Academy by you to the site for public posting, including comments and testimonials, may be made available and visible to ZX Academy or/and its licensors, affiliates, customers, and visitors.

The identifiable and non-identifiable visitor data/information may be distributed or disclosed to some other party with which ZX Academy enters into a corporate transaction like, for example, a union, consolidation, gaining, asset acquires, or to a third party pursuant to a court order, subpoena, or other forms of the legal process, in response to a request on behalf of any state, local, or other departments, or government agency, whether or not pursuant to a court order, subpoena, or ZX Academy or any other entity or person. While ZX Academy may undertake efforts to see that any of the third party to which it rents, sells, shares, or otherwise discloses personal information/data is under the contractual obligation to use the personal information or data solely for the purposes for which the information was disclosed, such type of third parties is independent over which ZX Academy exercises on the control. ZX Academy is not responsible for the omissions, actions, or information dissemination or handling practices of third parties.

 Security Measures and Communicating with ZX Academy:

 ZX Academy has implemented features of security that are designed to prevent the misuse, unauthorized release, loss alternation of access to personal data provided to us. However, the confidentiality of any material transmitted from or to ZX Academy through this e-mail or site can't be and it is not guaranteed. Besides, you appreciate that the transmission of site content or technological dispensation may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) changes to adapt and conform to technical needs of connecting devices or networks and (b) transmissions over several networks. Accordingly, ZX Academy is not responsible for the data security transmitted through the internet, instead of communicating with ZX Academy through email.

 Access and Ability to Correct Personal Data:

 Upon a visitor request through email, postal mail, or telephone, ZX Academy provides to the visitor a summary of any personal information retained by ZX Academy regarding the visitor that has been voluntarily offered by the visitor to ZX Academy via contest entries, online forms, e-mail, surveys, or another online avenue. A visitor may correct, modify or update his/her personal data by contacting ZX Academy via e-mail, postal mail, or telephone at the numbers or addresses above.

 Notices, Comments, and User Content: 

 Any comments or material posted to any of our web pages are known to be public. Please refer to terms and conditions for further detail concerning materials submitted and concerning user content to the site. As such, ZX Academy assumes no liability for the accuracy of such data, no duty to correct or update such data/information, and no liability for such communications arising under the laws of libel, copyright, or obscenity.

 Right to Change Privacy Statement:

 ZX Academy can change this privacy statement at any time. Notice of any revised or new privacy statement, as well as the location of the revised or new statement, will be posted on the site for a minimum of twenty days after the change. It is the user's responsibility frequently to the site to be taught of changes to the statement of privacy since their last visit. Any change to the privacy statement of ZX Academy shall be very effective to any visitor who has visited the site even before the change was made.