Best of 20 Interview Questions and Answers SAP SUCCESSFACTORS Updated 2022

1. In What way can Employee Central be integrated with Success Factors Products?

With the help of HRIS sync by success Factors Products, Employee central can be Integrated Internally.

2. In What way can Employee Central be Integrated Externally with other Products?

External Integration of employee central can be done by using a Cloud-based integration platform

3. What is present in Succession data model?

All the records of the employee are present in the succession data model. This type of succession data mode constructs the fields both internal(information related to employment) and external(personal information of employee) works.

4. What type of configuration is done in the country specific  succession data model?

The country-specific succession data model is configured by address formats, country-specific fields, and by all the international standards.


5.  What are defined by corporate data model?

The corporate data model defines foundation objects fields and their interconnections. Once again they contain the type of organization, mode of payment, and job role.

6. Where you create associations?

Corporate Data Model and object definition tool

7. Recently enabled German for your customer’s instance. how you check?

Log in to the instance, Proxy in as a user and Options menu and change language to German

8. What system do when a label for a language is missing in one of the data models?

default label

9. Time off fields is available

Work schedule and Holiday calendar

10.What attribute do you use to mask a sensitive field on a screen?


11.Your site didn’t ask for my company ID before, but now it does. Why?

The SuccessFactors login page appears in one of two possible formats: one that asks for a Company ID and one that doesn’t. If asked, you are required to supply a Company ID in order to access the system. If you are not asked for a Company ID on the login page, it’s because the Company ID was included in the link you used to get to the page. We recommend that you bookmark the page or add it to your browser’s Favorites list so that you never need to remember your company ID.


12.  I’m locked out of my account. Can you help me?

To reset a locked account, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal

13.  I am a job candidate who applied for a position at company whose website says “Powered by SuccessFactors” or “Powered by Jobs2Web”. How do I receive technical support or ask questions about my application?

You applied for a job at a company that uses SuccessFactors’ Recruiting Marketing product (formerly known as Jobs2Web) to host its career site. Please direct any questions or support requests to the company to which you applied.

14. I am trying to record a video or upload content to SAP Jam and/or SuccessFactors LMS, but it won’t work?

Sometimes users of SAP Jam (either as a Social solution or as part of our Learning Management System) see a message that says “You’ve reached your file storage limit.” If this is the case, your company will have to contact SuccessFactors to resolve the issue. For this or any other issue related to SAP Jam, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal.

15. Who are the individuals within my company who have access to the Support Portal and can interact with Support?

In general, these users are within your company’s HR department and they are responsible for administering SuccessFactors software. This person controls access to SuccessFactors data within your company and is able to reset usernames and passwords, restore locked accounts, and perform other functions.

16. What’s so special about Employee Central versus SAP HCM. What is the value proposition that appeals to customers?

That’s my favorite question and one I have been answering frequently for customers. Let me answer this question from the 3 perspectives that I see as valuable and beneficial for the customer:

  • Easy-to-use data structures
  • Usability
  • Support and maintenance

17. What are the key features would you like to see added to Employee Central?

Actually, it is very exciting to share that a few features like the matrix relationship on positions and the manual delegation of workflows were at the top of my features wish list and they have been released in the latest 1402 release. I am busy implementing both of them at a customer and I will keep the community updated on my findings. Some of the other features that I would like I also know are on the roadmap, including Concurrent Employment and managing and generating documents (such as creating exit interview letters or uploading and storing documents required for managing employees on Global Assignment).

18. What would say are the weak spots of Employee Central?

There are some features that I believe have the potential for improvement and can further enhance the value of Employee Central. The first one is when Foundation Object data changes (for example, the head of a department changes), the data must propagate more seamlessly to the employee Job Information record. The other main area of improvement that I have already mentioned is data imports. The transport mechanism from the Test instance to the Production instance has seen enhancements, but it needs to be further improved as that will have a significant impact on the implementation timeline.

19. If you could give one piece of key advice to a customer who is going to implement Employee Central, what would it be?

My one key piece of advice to customers would be to utilize the Employee Central implementation as an opportunity to re-examine the ways that they do business. The fact that the solution is so flexible and agile is an avenue for organizations to adopt the product design to build a solution that turns them into an agile organization and hence better suited to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Often many customers do not have forward-looking or streamlined business processes and lack an overall and well-defined strategy for core HR and Talent solutions. It helps to get a head start on that organizational strategy as then it is relatively easy to achieve a high ROI. It is also important to identify your champions of the cloud early on within the organization as these are the folks that will drive the adoption of the newly implemented software working in tandem with your implementation partner.

Employee Central is an excellent excuse to transform the way that HR and the business have been operating and move from transactional to strategic integrated HCM.

20. Tell us a bit about Employee Central Payroll

Simply put Employee Central Payroll is a solution that allows you to run payroll in the cloud using SAP’s proven and powerful payroll engine while maintaining core HR data in Employee Central. The core HR employee data is maintained in Employee Central and replicated to Employee Central Payroll. Most of the payroll relevant master data such as the Tax info types, Bank Details, etc. can be maintained in Employee Central through the UI mash-up screens and are replicated to Employee Central Payroll. Once the payroll is successfully run the employees can view the payslip in Employee Central.