20 Prime SAP PLM Interview Questions and Answers Updated 2022

1) What is mean by Purchasing in PLM?

 A component of Materials Management with the following tasks; Procuring materials and services externally, determining possible sources of supply for a requirement, monitoring goods deliveries and payment.

2) What does CNF means?

Finally Confirmed 

3) What does PDC means?

 Plant Data Collection 

4) What is Factors influencing Scheduling? 

 Internal Processing External Processing General Costs Activity Relationships.

5) A request or instruction to Purchasing to procure a quantity of a material or service so what it is available at a certain point in time?

 Purchase Requisition

6) An organizational unit in accounting that reflects a management-oriented structure for the organization for the purpose of internal control?

Profit Center

7) What is CN24N?

The CN24N is involved in overall network scheduling transactions with selected options

8) What does FS means?

Finish Start

9) What is shift order indicator?

It controls the actual dates from partial confirmations for scheduling run in PLM

10) List the capabilities supporting service management in SAP PLM?

  • Asset service management
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Product configuration management
  • Automatic reports shipping
  • Environment, health and safety

11) What is Preventive and predictive maintenance?

It allows maintenance to be carried out at predetermined intervals, or to other prescribed criteria.

12) What is Product configuration management?

It enables the tracking and tracing of complex products, including all components, and supports versioning and active change management.

13) Explain Automatic reports shipping 

Ensures the consistency of information exchanged between business and environmental, health, and safety processes with automated shipping of material safety data sheets. Current data is instantly available, redundant data maintenance is avoided, and reports are shipped in the respective language of the recipient country.

14) Where does the production order used?

The production order is used in discrete manufacturing.

15) What is company code?

The company code is the smallest unit in the company; it is used for the purpose of representing a closed system for cost accounting.

16) Where does the PLM used?

It is used in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Machinery/Industrial, Consumer Products, and Retail.

17 ) What are the different PLM software’s available ?

Some of the important software’s are Teamcenter, Enovia, Windchill, Creo, Aras, Arena PLM, Agile PLM, SAP PLM, Sharp PLM.

18) Important benefits of PLM

  • Improved cycle time
  • Less rework and decreased room for errors
  • Better use of resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced quality of product
  • Better design integrity
  • Better analytics

19) Explain Environment, health and safety? 

Addresses a range of environmental, health, and safety issues. In addition to enabling companies to manage risk and comply with government regulations, SAP PLM integrates a variety of environmental, health, and safety functions, including, Product safety, hazardous materials management, dangerous goods management, industrial hygiene and safety management, occupational health, and waste management.

20) Explain Asset service management?

The asset service management capabilities of SAP PLM help companies manage technical assets by improving utilization rates, output quality, uptime, and the streamlining of internal processes.

Asset service management empowers enterprises with systematic planning and control of physical resources throughout their economic life cycles, as well as the execution of all related processes.