SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION Interview Questions and Answers Updated 2022

1. How do you perform BW-on-HANA Migration?

DMO- Database Migration. This is a new feature available in SUM(Software Update Manager Tool).

2. How many VMs are supported on a single HANA Production System?

Multiple SAP HANA Virtual Machines on a Single server are only supported today in non-production environments.

3. How do you install SAP HANA?

HDBLCM Tool – To install individual or multiple Hana Server Component.

4. What are the different perspectives available in HANA Studio?

The Different perspectives in HANA Studio are

  • Administrator
  • Modeler
  • Development
  • Debug

5. What are the Data Provisioning Technologies available to replicate data to HANA?

The data provisioning technologies available are

  • SLT
  • BODS
  • SXC

6. What are the tools to export Data from HANA to an external System?

Some of the Tools are 

  • SLT – Database Migration Option
  • BODS – BO Data Services to export the data from HANA to external systems.

7. What are the critical services HANA DB Server Consists?

The types of the DB server consists of

  • Index Server
  • Name Server
  • Statistics Server
  • Preprocessor Server
  • XS Engine