Updated 2022 SAP FIORI Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is an amazing initiative from SAP to offer a faster and more responsive user interface. It applies state-of-the-art design principles for delivering simple, responsive, and personalized experiences across various devices and deployment choices. This initiative is focused on providing a user interface that supports all devices such as tablets, desktops, and mobile phones. SAP’s firm decision to make SAP Fiori UX available to customers, at no additional cost, represents a unique prospect for SAP partners to create applications that leverage the many advantages of SAP Fiori.

2) What are the different configuration steps in SAP Fiori?

Configurations of SAP Fiori Apps are divided into two parts: Configuration of Transaction Apps and Fact sheets, Configuration of Analytical Apps.

Before configuring anything, the complete infrastructure for SAP Fiori apps must be installed. Once that is completed there will be activities to configure on the back-end and front-end servers.

3) KPI framework is installed for which of the following Apps?

Analytical apps and the SAP Smart Business apps share the setup of HANA XS engine and KPI Framework only (in Smart Business Apps). After the setup of SAP Fiori System Landscape with SAP Hana XS engine, we need to be following the KPI modeler on the front-end server and respective SAP Smart Business Products on the SAP Hana server.

4) What is the function of SAP Web Dispatcher in SAP Fiori architecture?

SAP Web Dispatcher (Reverse proxy) is an entry point for HTTP(s) requests in SAP Fiori Architecture. It can accept or reject connections as per user request.

5) How can we handle known issues for the following MM Fiori apps?

Approve Purchase Requisitions

Approve Purchase Orders

Approve Purchase Contracts


6) How do you identify a Workflow template in SAP Fiori?

Workflow templates are prefixed with “WS”.

7) How data flow happens in SAP Fiori Launchpad? Explain the steps.

The sequence of steps −


Launchpad Designer – Add a catalog, add a group

Target mapping – semantic object, action

Static/Dynamic Launcher

PFCG – Catalog, group

8) Is it possible to view attachments, sources of supply or related documents for an item?

No. It is not possible to view attachments, Source of Supply, or related documents for an item.

9) Is it possible to view all types of notes for a shopping cart item?

No. Only the approver notes are displayed.

10)  How many carts can I see at a time?

 You can see 10 carts at a time in the list. With the first launch, the most recent 10 carts appear.

11) Is it possible to have split account assignments for an item ?

No. Each item can have only one account assignment; All the items in a shopping cart will also have the same account assignment.

12) What are the possible account assignment categories?

The possible account assignment categories are Cost Center and Internal Order. Custom Account Assignment Categories are not supported.

13) What are Fiori Design Principles?

 There are 5 design principles we need to keep in mind while designing SAP Fiori applications. Role-Based, Delightful, Simple, Responsive, and Coherent.

14) How can you get the web browser of the client on which SAP Fiori application is running?

SAPUI5 library provides a special API “sap.ui.Device“which can be used to for device and its feature detection. This API provides flags like “chrome”, “firefox”, “mozilla”, “edge” etc. in “sap.ui.Device.browser” API which returns boolean values.


15) State the various choices in the Launchpad design of the SAP Fiori

There are two different options in the Launchpad designs. They are Configuration Layer and Customization Layer.

Configuration Layer: It includes the entire content as delivered to clients including translation.

Customization Layer: Clients adopt content for entire users in the Entity. It is possible to utilize CUST layer for testing and other factors. The content is movable via personalizing requests by clients. After personalization, the content is decoupled from the config layer. There is no automatic synchronization once the changes are made in the Delivered layer.

16) Is it feasible for SAP Fiori to connect or use for the non-SAP back-ends, such as SharePoint?

SAP Fiori can naturally use or connect to the SAP back-end; however, OpenUI5 or SAPUI5, the technology, which has been utilized to build the Fiori applications, doesn’t need an SAP Backend and can link to any place as long as the data is fit.

17) List Security levels  of Fiori

Fiori includes three levels of protection to ensure security. They are

Integrity Protection

Authentication only

Privacy protection

18) What is Integrity Protection?

When having integrity protection as the security level, the system identifies any modifications or operations on the data that may have happened between two points of communication.

19) How does the Authentication is used?

When using authentication only as of the security level, the system checks the communication partner’s identity. This security level is considered as the minimum protection range provided by SNC.

20) What is Privacy Protection?

When using Privacy protection, the messages that are being transferred are encrypted by the system to avoid eavesdropping. This protection level also contains data integrity protection. Privacy Protection is referred to as the maximum range of protection offered by SNC.