We always look for experienced instructors who have zeal to share their expertise and knowledge with the world. Working with us to create courses is an exciting collaboration with the industry’s best producers, directors, and editors that outcome in you and your satisfied content being presented in the best possible way. You’ll also learn important skills applicable away from your course, which is benefited from the visibility our platform provides, and earn some extra income all while helping people achieve their professional and personal learning goals. You can learn more about us and our mission here.

About Working with Us

We’re a team of talented, smart, passionate creators who share the vision of helping create economic opportunity for every member of the GoLogica. We collaborate with subject matter experts like you and create our courses differently from anyone else, and that’s what helps make them so good.

Deciding if Teaching Is Right for You

Teacher with students career in teaching can be both satisfying and challenging. Good teachers make positive impacts on young people on a daily basis. They teach their students not only academic skills, but also how to behave appropriately, how to socialize with others, and how to work hard to achieve goals. If you are hoping for a career through which you can contribute to society and make a real difference in the world, then you may consider the profession of teaching.

Many who wish to become an instructor have long and gratifying careers, although there are some who exit the field early in search of other work, for a variety of reasons. Before you put forth the time and energy for certification and the education required to find an instructor position, it is very important to be definite that you are right for the job and that the job is right for you.

Instructors work with Students in the classroom or other learning settings. Instructors must have an excellent grasp of their course matter and the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge to others. To know if GoLogica’s course is really the right career path for you, make sure you have an understanding of what makes a good instructor and that you have the skills and characteristics compatible with teaching. To be a good instructor, you must enjoy being around other people and interacting with them, especially young people. Teaching is a social job that involves constant interaction with students and professionals.

To really understand the job and to decide if it is right for you, find a way to get into the online or offline classroom. Experienced instructors can tell you what their careers are like and that is an excellent place to start. You can also consider alternate teaching as a way to initiate yourself to the instructing profession. Good Instructors are also patient. If you lose your temper easily, a class setting may not be the right workplace for you. Instructors are flexible and good at quick decision making. They should be able to make adjustments when things don’t go exactly as planned because they often don’t. Instructors must be strict to an extent and able to enforce rules, but they also need to pick their battles

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