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With the SAP SD training course at Zx Academy, you can master the concepts like Document flow and process chain, Material Master records, Document types in Sales and Distribution, Schedule lines categories, Sales document structure, and Defining and maintaining prices surcharges, and discounts.

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Course Overview

Zx Academy provides top-notch SAP SD Training and bridges the gap between the requirements of the industry. SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a module that covers all the concepts related to the Processing of Sales, Order, and Distribution. A few of its major components are Shipping, Sales support, Sales & Logistics, Sales, and Information systems. SAP SD is widely used in companies to track sales, pre-sales, and post-sales transactions, define sales, order, and distribution processes, and manage the repository for storing information related to these functions very effectively.

This training is for all SAP SD ERP solutions. Zx Academy is one of the best training institutes for the training. The Sales and distribution component application fulfills several international requirements that support sales and delivery activities with functions like customer arrange Processing, pricing, and circumstances, billing, delivery monitoring, risk management, and credit management. This course is the most used SAP ERP software. It is a tool that helps manage, track, and report all the sales and distributions of the organization, including shipment, pre-sales activities, Processing, and Billing of sales orders. This course is highly linked with FI and MM modules.

Highlights of Zx Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students

What will you learn in SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) training?

After completion of course, you will learn:

  • Overview of Sales & Distribution
  • Creating Master Data
  • Pre-Sales Activities
  • Delivery Processing
  • Fast Material Entry in Sales order
  • Outline agreements
  • Define Enterprise Structure
  • Documents
  • Creating, Processing, and controlling
  • Pricing Procedures
  • Sales order Types

Who should take this SAP SD training?

This course is suited for:

  • Consultants willing to have expertise in Sales & Distribution
  • Professionals working as the Sales Executives 
  • Aspirants interested to learn SD

What are the prerequisites for taking SAP SD training?

The prerequisite for taking SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) training is business knowledge in the area of sales and distribution.

Why should you go for SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) training?

The SAP SD is one of the vital ERP modules developed by SAP. It ensures better management of customer distribution data as well as sales. The features of SAP SD include Availability Check, Price and Taxation, Material Determination, Billing & Invoice, Account Determination, and Credit Management. It is also known to be a core functional module in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that allows companies to manage and store customer and product-related data. Companies use this information/data to manage all of the sales, shipping, ordering, and invoicing of their services.

Salary as per market

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an SAP SD Analyst is Rs.8,00,000 per year.

Curriculum – SAP SD

  • Introduction to SAP
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Customer Master
  • Material Master
  • Customer Material Info
  • Overview of Sales Document
  • Sales Order Document Configuration
  • Sales Document Determination
  • Overview of Item Categories
  • Item Category Configuration
  • Item Category Determination
  • Overview of Schedule Line Category
  • Schedule Line Category Configuration
  • Schedule Line Category Determination
  • Overview
  • Copy Control for Sales Documents
  • Quantity Contracts
  • Value Contracts Process
  • Contracts Configuration
  • Service and Maintenance Contract Process
  • Incompletion Procedure and Status Profile Configurations
  • Individual and Collective Requirements
  • Transfer of Requirement Configuration
  • Delivery Order Configuration
  • Delivery Item Categories Configuration
  • Shipping Point Determination
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Route Determination
  • Post Goods Issue in Delivery
  • Condition Technique
  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequences
  • Condition Types
  • Pricing Procedure
  • Determination of Pricing Determination
  • Condition Exclusions
  • Defining Tax Determination Rules
  • Defining Regional Codes
  • Configuration Of Material Taxes & Customer Taxes
  • Text Determination
  • Material Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Maintaining Credit Control Area
  • Automatic Credit Control Configuration
  • Overview of Billing Process
  • Billing Document Configuration
  • Billing Document Types
  • Collective Billing
  • Invoice Lists
  • Billing Plan
  • FI/SD Integration

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