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Zx Academy is the best institute for providing the SAP RAR course. The SAP RAR training at Zx Academy will ensure you learn about innovating modern applications, simplifying IT applications, and accelerating insights for running mission processes of critical business.

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Course Overview

Zx Academy is the leader in providing the best SAP RAR training. Essentially, SAP RAR is known to be SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting Training. This can be utilized to develop the bookkeeping and acknowledgment process. Exceptionally, this is helpful for businesses with the latest stationary guidelines for the recognition of revenue. Course offers an overview of the capabilities of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting and their setup in the system. 

The aspirants of the RAR course will learn how the business processes are implemented in the system and foundation of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting. Also, the candidates can practice how to use the main capabilities in the SAP S/4HANA system. SAP RAR application is used to address the needs derived from the standards of new revenue set by the generic and existing needs across many accounting principles as well as the International Accounting Standards Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Highlights of Zx Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students

What will you learn in SAP RAR training?

After the completion of this course at ZX Academy, you will learn:

  • Overview of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.3 and SAP S/4HANA.
  • How to configure and perform the inbound processing
  • How to integrate sender components
  • How to perform a price allocation
  • How to configure and use Contract Management
  • How to create invoices and perform fulfillment
  • How to process contract changes (prospective and retrospective)
  • How to process revenue postings
  • How to handle the integration with Cost Object Controlling
  • How to execute reporting for SAP RAR 1.3
  • How to execute consistency checks and reconciliation
  • How to perform and perform the migration and transition to SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.3

Who should take this SAP RAR training?

This course is suitable for:

  • Any Graduate/ Post Graduate Freshers
  • SAP ECC Consultants wanted to upgrade to RAR
  • SAP End Users

What are the prerequisites for taking SAP RAR training?

The prerequisites for training are navigation skills and basic knowledge of SAP ERP.

Why should you go for SAP RAR training?

This course at Zx Academy prepares you to understand the integration of source systems and operational applications and the inbound interface configuration. Our trainers at Zx Academy are experts in explaining the architecture of the solution, you can also understand the profitability analysis and integration to Financial General Ledger. Besides, you can learn how SAP Revenue Accounting meets the steps of IFRS 15/ASC 606 for identifying a contract to determine the price of the transaction to recognize the revenue when a performance obligation is satisfied. With ZX Academy's SAP RAR certification course, you can execute the configuration to meet all the requirements from IFRS 15.

Salary as per market

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an SAP RAR consultant is Rs.1,20,000 per annum.

Curriculum – SAP RAR

  • Overview & Architecture of SAP RAR
  • Integration with Sender Components
  • Inbound Processing
  • Overview of BRFPlus
  • Contract Management
  • Price Allocation
  • Contract Change
  • Fulfillment & Invoices
  • Integration with Cost Object Controlling
  • Revenue Postings
  • Reconciliation & Consistency Checks
  • Reporting
  • Migration & Transition

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