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With the SAP Product Costing training course at ZX Academy, you can master the concepts like Product Cost by Order, ME Close Activities with WIP result, Overhead Calculation, Variance Calculation, Process Order, Cost Component Terms, and Cost Component Groups. Opt for the SAP Product Costing training at ZX Academy and get placed in well-reputed companies.

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Course Overview

Zx Academy providing SAP Product Costing Training and SAP Product Costing module can be used to find the value of the product's internal cost. Also, it is used for management accounting and profitability for production. It is known to be used as a tool used in SAP for establishing material prices and planning costs. The SAP Product Costing helps in estimating the COGS and Cost of goods sold manufactured for every product unit. It is also the part of the controlling module that can be used to value the materials' internal cost and production for management accounting and profitability.

The SAP Product Costing is a core module that depends on the correct setup of the master data in the logistics modules in order to create the cost estimates. These estimates of cost help analyze and plan cost and its various components. The result of using the product costing is a standard price that you can release to the material master. The configuration of the Product Costing involves two areas for setting cost object controlling and product cost planning.

Highlights of ZX Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students

What will you learn in SAP Product Costing training?

After completion of course you will learn:

  • Product Cost Planning
  • Product Cost Controlling
  • Master Data Review for Product Costing
  • Reporting in Product Cost Planning
  • Costing Sheets, Cost Components
  • PP-PI Make to Stock Cost Object Controlling
  • Costing Variant Components

Who should take this SAP Product Costing training?

This course is suited for:

  • SAP End Users
  • SAP consultants
  • Newbies with a basic understanding of Business
  • Freshers with Cost Accounting Background

What are the prerequisites for taking SAP Product Costing training?

The prerequisites for taking training:

  • Basic knowledge and experience in cost accounting
  • SAP Fundamentals Knowledge required, i.e-SAP ECC overview
  • Cost Management and Controlling

Why should you go for SAP Product Costing training?

SAP Product Cost Planning is an area within Controlling of Product Cost where the candidate can plan costs for the materials without any reference to set and order prices for the cost accounting objects. Product costing is the methodology of the cost accounting for evaluating the company product's expenses. These costs include raw material purchases, worker wages, production costs, transportation costs, and even wholesale or retail stocking fees.

Salary as per market

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an SAP Product Costing Specialist is Rs. 9,00,000 per annum.

Curriculum – SAP Product Costing

  • Product Cost Controlling
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Cost Object Controlling with Make to Stock Scenario
  • Cost Elements
  • Cost Center
  • Activity Types
  • Purchasing Info Record
  • Master Recipe
  • Resources in Process Manufacturing
  • Production Order Control for Product Cost by Order
  • Sales Order Costing for Product Cost by Sales Order
  • Product Cost Collector Control for Product Cost by Period
  • Display Planned Costs
  • Cost Center Planning
  • Activity Planning
  • Maintain Distribution and Assessment Cycles
  • Distribution and Assessment Execute Plan
  • Activity Rate
  • Costing Variant
  • Cost Estimate including Execute Calculation, Create Material, and Mark and Release Standard
  • Analyze Costing
  • Price Update
  • Mixed Costing
  • Summarized Analysis
  • Detailed Reports
  • Product Cost by Order – Make to Stock Value Flow
  • Process Order
  • ME Close Activities with WIP result
  • Settlement
  • ME Close Activities with Variance result
  • Overhead Calculation
  • WIP Calculation
  • Variance Calculation
  • Overhead, Calculation Base, Overhead Rate, Credit Key
  • Cost Component Terms, Cost Components with Attributes, Cost Component View
  • Organizational Units of Cost Components, Cost Component Groups
  • Define Costing Variant, Costing Type, Valuation Variant, Date Control, Quantity Structure Control

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