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With the SAP PM training course at Zx Academy, you can master the concepts like Integration Production Planning, Integration of Project Systems, Integration of Controlling, Integration of Human Resources, Integration of Quality Management, Integration of Investment Management, Integration of Asset Accounting, and Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems. So, why delay? Accelerate your career to the next level with Zx Academy's SAP PM course training.

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Course Overview

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) operates the overall maintenance business functions and processes. The module of SAP Plant Maintenance allows a maintenance company to document, identify, and correct degradations and failures of any assets for which they have the responsibility, schedule and plan activities to predict or prevent failures and keep processes and assets within design specifications. Besides, with the SAP PM course training at Zx Academy, you can learn about Sales and Distribution, Material Management, and Production Planning.

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) is referred to as a software product that manages all the activities related to maintenance in a company. The module of Plant Maintenance consists of vital activities to include notifications, inspection, preventive and corrective maintenance, and some other measures in maintaining the ideal technical system. The Zx Academy's SAP PM certification offers training that all the modules of SAP are taught so that candidates can learn very easily from fundamentals to advanced level.

Highlights of Zx Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students

What will you learn in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) training?

After completion of training, you will learn:

  • Classifying Plant Maintenance from a Business perspective
  • Objects in R/3 PM
  • Getting Started with Release 4.6
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance
  • Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems
  • Integrative Aspects
  • Managing Technical Objects
  • Planning in Plant Maintenance
  • Modern Plant Maintenance management

Who should take this SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) training?

This course is suited for:

  • End Users
  • SAP Project Team
  • People who are aspiring to learn SAP PM
  • Super Users in SAP

What are the prerequisites for taking SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) training?

The prerequisite for taking training is to have basic knowledge of SAP Basic Navigation Features.

Why should you go for SAP PM training?

Learning the SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) helps in establishing a future scope and great career growth as an SAP PM consultant. The SAP PM consultant has countless opportunities for growth by becoming a Functional Leader, Team Leader, Program Manager, Project Manager, etc. Besides, an expert in SAP PM technology can demand a high salary package compared with non-certified peers.

Salary as per market

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an SAP PM consultant is Rs.8,00,000 per year.

Curriculum – SAP PM

  • Definitions
  • Traditional forms of Organization in Plant Maintenance
  • Planning in Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Maintenance Methods
  • Benchmarking in Plant Maintenance based on key performance
  • Modern Plant Maintenance management
  • The PM menu with easy access
  • The business workplace
  • Support Line Feedback as in interface to SAP
  • PM Documentation in the SAP Library
  • Managing Technical Objects
  • Using other Logistics master data in PM
  • Measuring points and counters
  • PM Work Centers
  • Maintenance Task lists and maintenance plans
  • Maintenance Orders
  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller
  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller
  • General
  • Integration of MM
  • Integration Production Planning
  • Integration of Quality Management
  • Integration of Project Systems
  • Integration of Investment Management
  • Integration of Controlling
  • Integration of Asset Accounting
  • Integration of Human Resources
  • Interface to process control systems
  • and building control systems
  • Interfaces to CAD systems

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