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With the SAP IS-U training course at Zx Academy, you can master the concepts like Billing & Invoicing Integration with DM & FICA module, Dynamic Period Control, Energy Data Management, SAP IS-Utilities/CCS, and Functional scope of the ISU system. Opt for the SAP ISU course training at Zx Academy and enhance your career to the next level.

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Course Overview

Zx Academy provides SAP ISU Training, The SAP ISU CCS (SAP IS Utilities Customer Care and Services) is an industry solution that can address the requirements of the customer-oriented utility organization. The SAP Utilities solutions help in supporting the role-specific business processes in the utilities industry, transmission, and distribution, addressing the requirements of the companies in the generation, waste and recycling segments, retail, and services. The SAP Utilities (ISU) component for billing and managing commercial, industrial, residential, and prospective users. Also, this component allows the user to manage and bill all the customers who receive purchased goods, services, or pay taxes and fees.

The SAP Utilities is referred to as an information system and process-oriented sales system that supports all the services offered by the waste disposal and utilities companies. With Zx Academy's training, you can learn how this solution is integrated with SAP ECC and ERP while offering business processes, specific industry customer support, and master data. Candidates can expect to attain an overview of the business processes, which can be mapped with the SAP ISU course training at Zx Academy.

Highlights of Zx Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students

What will you learn in SAP ISU training?

After completion of course training, you will learn:

  • SAP IS-Utilities/CCS overview
  • The functional scope of the ISU system
  • Device Master Data
  • Technical master Data
  • Business Master Data
  • Schedule Master Data
  • Overview of Contract account Receivables and payables
  • Master Data and functions relevant to Billing
  • Configuration of Rate Structure/Tariff Design
  • Discounts / surcharges
  • Billing & Invoicing Integration with DM & FICA module
  • Overview of Dynamic Period Control
  • Overview of Energy Data Management

Who should take this SAP ISU training?

This training course is beneficial for:

  • Anyone who is interested in attaining knowledge in another SAP module.
  • Anyone who is interested in a career in the SAP IS-U/CCS.
  • End-users who are working in the utilities industry can implement SAP IS-U/CCS.

What are the prerequisites for taking SAP ISU training?

The prerequisite for taking training is the basic knowledge to manage and bill commercial, residential, and industry.

Why should you go for SAP ISU training?

The SAP ISU is known as the information and sales system that supports waste disposal and utility companies. Also, SAP IS-U supports a few business functions like meter data management, meter reading, billing, scheduling, accounting, invoicing, integration to customer relations management, and accounting. SAP ISU is also known to be an integrated SAP management software component that uses the functions of various standard components SAP CO, FI, SD, AM, MM, and PM/SM.

Salary as per market

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an SAP IS-U consultant is Rs.8,00,000 per annum.

Curriculum – SAP ISU

  • Purpose of regional structure
  • Postal Regional structure
  • Political Regional structure
  • Company Regional structure
  • Dependencies of Regional structures
  • Parameter Record
  • Portion
  • Meter reading unit
  • Creation of the above
  • Business Partner
  • Contract account
  • Contract
  • Creation of Business master data
  • Connection Object
  • Premise
  • Installation
  • Creation of Technical master data
  • Technical Installation of the Device
  • Billing related installation of the Device
  • Full installation of the Device
  • Move-in Introduction
  • Move-in Business scenario
  • Move-in Processing
  • Changes to contract data during Move-in
  • Allocation of Contract to installation
  • CIC Terminology
  • CIC Profile: Framework and Compnents
  • CIC Customizing: Create Framework
  • CIC Visible Compnents
  • CIC Customizing: Assign Visible compnents to slots
  • CIC Hidden Components
  • CIC Customizing: Assign Hidden components to slots
  • CIC Customizing: Assign Framework and Component profiles in the CIC profile
  • CIC Customizing: Assign CIC Profile to an organizational level in organization 
  • Organizational Plan
  • CIC Organizational Structure
  • Allocate the CIC Profile in the Organizational Plan
  • Assigning a CIC Profile to a user id
  • Starting the CIC.
  • IS-U Navigator Structure
  • Customizing Navigation Area
  • Data Environment for the Navigation Area
  • Customizing Navigation Area: Context Menu
  • Data and Documents in the Navigation Area
  • CIC Application Area
  • Customizing Application Area
  • Defining HTML Calls
  • HTML Configuration
  • Customer Overview
  • Customer Contact
  • Definition
  • Example
  • Data flow of front office processes
  • Data Export and Data Import
  • Action Box Call: Data flow
  • Data flow clipboard
  • Data flow Context Menu
  • Business Scenario
  • Process of Disconnection and Reconnection
  • Disconnection Triggers
  • Disconnection Document and Reference object
  • Disconnection Document Component
  • Confirm Disconnection Order
  • Contract Specific Disconnection
  • Create Disconnection Document: Example
  • Customizing Processing Variant

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