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With SAP ESS MSS course training, you can master the concepts like SAP Employee & Manager Self Service, Setting up the Enterprise Portal, Customizing ESS Applications, Employee Information, Personnel Change Requests, and Enterprise Compensation Management. So, why delay? Join Zx Academy for SAP ESS MSS course training.

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Course Overview

Zx Academy offering SAP ESS MSS Training and the term Employee Self-Service (ESS) now applies to web-based applications that offer employees access to their payroll details and personal records. The features of ESS include allowing employees to change the details of family members, contact details, and banking information. Employees can apply for leave. They can view their history of compensation. Employee self-service (ESS) may be operated on a web service or an employer's intranet.

Zx Academy assists you in maintaining the personal data to support at the operational level. Various instruments, tools, and components are available for the configuration. Zx Academy provides the SAP ESS MSS course training. We are one of the reputed institutes providing high-quality all over India. SAP ESS covers information/data from several business areas: payment, working time, employee search, personal data, life, and work events, corporate information, travel management, career, and job, etc. The SAP ESS is a module designed based on general needs based on the current IT demand. Opting for the for this training at Zx Academy helps you to get placed for SAP jobs in reputed companies.

Highlights of Zx Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students

What will you learn in SAP ESS MSS training?

After completion of training, the candidate will learn:

  • Outline SAP Employee Self Service (ESS) Functionality
  • User Administration in the Enterprise Portal and Back-End System
  • ESS Service: Working Time (WD ABAP)
  • HR Renewal Services Employee Information
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • Enterprise Self Service Menu
  • ESS Service: Benefits, Payments, and Personal Information
  • ESS Service Add-Ons

Who should take this SAP ESS MSS training?

Technical Consultants who work on SAP ESS/MSS can opt for SAP ESS MSS course training.

What are the prerequisites for taking SAP ESS MSS training?

The prerequisites for taking training are:

  • ADM200 SAP Web AS Java Administration
  • ADM960 Security in SAP System Environments
  • HR255 (Employee Self-Service & Manager Self-Service)
  • EP200 SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration
  • ADM950 Secure SAP System Management
  • TEP10 Implementation and Operation of SAP NetWeaver Portal

Why should you go for SAP ESS MSS training?

If we know the complete training information of the SAP ESS MSS course, learning SAP ESS MSS is a simple process. It is a web-enabled tool used to display, create, and change their own Hr-related information/data in the enterprise portal by the employee itself. It covers information/data from various business areas like working time, benefits and payment, personal data, employee search, corporate information, travel management, life, and work events. The features of SAP ESS include allowing employees to change their own personal details. The module of SAP ESS allows administrative tasks like applying for a leave, reviewing timesheets, and submitting reimbursement slips.

Salary as per market

The average salary of an SAP consultant with SAP Enterprise Portal skills is Rs. 750,000 per year.

Curriculum – SAP ESS MSS

  • Outlining the Advantages of SAP Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Accessing SAP ESS
  • Outlining the Benefits of SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Accessing SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Reviewing the Structure of SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Outlining SAP ESS Releases
  • Reviewing the Surface and Interaction Technologies
  • Describing Roles in SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Defining Users in the Back-End Portal
  • Outlining the Characteristics of Central User Administration (CUA)
  • Updating ESS Menu with Enterprise Portal (WD ABAP)
  • Outlining the ESS Menu with NWBC (WD ABAP)
  • Accessing ESS Menu with HR Renewal (SAPUI5)
  • Customizing Leave Requests and Time Account Services
  • Outlining the Team Calendar
  • Configuring the Clock-In/Out Corrections Service
  • Recording Working TimeCareer and Job
  • Outlining Benefits and Payment Services
  • Outlining Personal Information Services
  • Outlining HR Renewal
  • Outlining HR Renewal My Info and My Training Services
  • Using HR Renewal Search
  • Customizing My Services Overview
  • Creating Employee Records Using Status Overview Service
  • describing the Career and Development Services
  • Outlining Travel and Expenses Services

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