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With the Apigee training course at ZX Academy, you can master the topics like API Management, Developer Apps, Products & Security, Apigee overview & Mediation Policies, Apigee Extensions, All about API Traffic Management, Publishing API docs & Developer Portal, Fault Handling, and API Proxy Packaging & Deployment process. Enhance your career with Apigee training at ZX Academy.

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Course Overview

ZX Academy's Apigee Certification Training | Apigee Online Training provides in-depth knowledge and understanding to build APIs from scratch on the framework of the Apigee API. The Apigee course training at ZX Academy will allow the candidate to explore all the core fundamentals of building, designing, and deploying the API solution by using the functionality of Google's cloud Apigee Framework through real-time cases and hands-on exercises. After completing Apigee certification training at ZX Academy, the skills attained would allow the candidate to become a qualified Apigee professional. ZX Academy's expert trainers deliver the lecturers in a more practical way to attain real experience.

APIGEE (API Gateway Enterprise Edition) is an API Gateway Management Tool which is developed by Google. It helps to exchange the information/data among several cloud services and applications. It is a platform to develop and manage APIs. APIGEE supports both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. Nowadays, many organizations are using the APIGEE tool for managing and building APIs. ZX Academy provides the best Apigee training at an affordable price by industry experts.


Highlights of ZX Academy Training:

  • 24/7 Support throughout the training period
  • Live online classes
  • Training under industry experts
  • Free study material
  • Flexible timings to all our students


What will you learn in Apigee training?

After completion of Apigee course training, you will learn:

  • API Management
  • Developer Apps, Products & Security
  • Apigee overview & Mediation Policies
  • Apigee Extensions
  • All about API Traffic Management
  • Publishing API docs & Developer Portal
  • Fault Handling
  • API Proxy Packaging & Deployment process


Who should take this Apigee training?

The Apigee training course is beneficial for:

  • API developers
  • Middleware Architects
  • Middleware developers
  • People with API design basic knowledge


What are the prerequisites for taking Apigee training?

The prerequisites for taking Apigee training are:

  • Restful API Design basics
  • Experience in any programming language such as Python, Java, etc.
  • Knowledge of SOAP Web Services or REST


Why should you go for Apigee Certification Training | Apigee Online Training?

ZX Academy delivers the best Apigee training, led by industry experts, intended for the candidates to provide all the course essentials to attain mastery over all the Apigee management aspects. The Apigee certification course at ZX Academy covers all the essential concepts like Apigee and mediation policies, API management, Apigee Extensions, API traffic management, etc. You will get real-time project support and full assistance from the experts during the Apigee training process. Apigee is a widely deployed tool that is used by companies/organizations for managing and building API.


Salary as per market

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an Apigee certified professional is $150,000 per year.

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