Welcome to ZX Academy; we are the leading online training provider in India. We offer corporate training, individual online training, and resources to people who wish to opt for training on various IT platforms and abilities. We have the best industry experts/trainers facing real-time scenarios.

We offer online training for 150+ courses like SAP courses, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Microsoft Azure, etc, where best practices and advances are changing quickly, and interest for qualified competitors

significantly surpasses supply.

ZX Academy understands that you have struggled to get to the position where you are. But, at present most employers are looking for more competency proof in order to complement those credentials, so the question is, “How do you stand out from this competitive world?” ZX Academy is an interactive e- learning platform that provides professional online education to help organizations increase their profitability.

Our courses are designed perfectly for the aspirants seeking independent certification and professional recognition to enhance course qualities and outcomes. ZX Academy is well known for building great pathways to attain success in your career. Also, we have acquired the required experience to partner with you in the delivery and development of a sustainable and recognized career for your profession.


ZX Academy is driven by our faith in the training to improve the lives of individuals and is enthusiastic about giving a learning background that addresses the issues and helps to accomplish their life objectives.


We at ZX Academy are specialists in the online instruction field and are thorough in encounters and conveying brilliant learning materials that convey the learning results we have guaranteed.

Online Training

Online training preparation is for the adaptable and self-managed part to suit the particular adapting needs of a person. Hence, online training at ZX Academy is conducted at almost any place and time.